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Balanced Joiner Door

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This bulkhead mounted door has been manufactured since 1991. Its precision movement and fit will allow ease of installation.

High impact shock test qualified per MIL-S-901D per medium weight, grade A, class 1, type A hull mounted machinery, equipment and systems per NASSES letter 9072 Ser 9780/087 dated 09Sep98.

The precision engineering of the operator housings has made this door the industries leader in operation, reliability and maintenance.


Door Size: 37″ x 72 12″
Opening Required: 34″ x 70″
Clear Opening: 26″ x 66″
Door part numbers:


11002 NSN 2040-01-374-9939 Left Hand
11003 NSN 2040-01-391-9940 Right Hand
Operator Bulkhead Assembly Part Numbers:


11305 NSN 2040-01-391-8233 Left Hand
11306 NSN 2040-01-391-8234 Right Hand

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